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Minor skin surgery at Cosmedica

We are registered with the CQC and this is a mark of our competence, high standards and up to date training. Our medical team are able to perform minor surgery for the treatment or removal of Benigh Skin Lesions, Warts & Verrucas.




Skin lesions

Skin lesions develop as a result of sun exposure, age, and other environmental factors. Such lesions include moles (nevus), cysts, sun damage, brown spots, and skin cancers.  (Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and usually is treatable by removing the tumour and a margin of normal skin.  Evaluation of the tissue by a pathology lab then confirms the diagnosis and guides any further treatment).

Where the lesion is benign, Cosmedica are able to remove it by several methods including cryotherapy, cutting & cautery or excision. The method will be determined following an assessment by Dr Cooney. Treatments are undertaken in our fully equipped clinic following the strictest standards of care, hygiene and outcomes.

Not all skin lesions will be appropriate for removal in the minor surgery clinic at Cosmedica and all cases will need assessment by Dr Kieron who will discuss the most appropriate action required, which may include referral to a hospital clinic.


Clients can self refer or be referred to us from their GP.




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