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Professional Medical Chemical Peels

Chemical peels improve and smoothen the skin on the face and body by removing the outer layers of dead skin and help with many skin disorders as well as sun damaged and ageing skin. Skin Peels work by penetrating the skin layer, decongesting clogged pores and exfoliating (peeling), to reveal a deeply cleansed and smoother complexion.

Our variety of Skin Peels are catagorised as cosmeceutical or medical grade. This is because the strength or type of ingredients used in the peels can only be dispensed by a medical practitioner. Cosmedica will assess your skin type and recommend the appropriate skin peel to suit you to give you the best outcomes.

Improved skin tone texture

Renew and Enrich with our Skin Peels

Skin Peel treatments result in improved skin tone texture and diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with an overall rejuvenating affect. To maximise results we also recommend a home care regime. We offer specific treatment protocols for many skin types and specific skin peels for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and pigmentation. All treatment protocols used at Cosmedica Clinics are based on published evidence of safe and effective use and have been properly researched.

Skin peels can be used as a general revitalising skin beauty boost or as extremely effective treatments for skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation or rosacea.

All of our Skin Peels are applied in our clinic by our experienced and trained team. Please contact us to see what plans and packages we offer. To optimise your results some of the plans include products for you to use at home.  You will be given instructions to maximise their effectiveness and a review to check on your skin improvement.

Types of Skin Peels we offer:
  • Obagi Blue Peel Radiance – Penetrating for deep pore clean.
  • Obagi Enriched facial – Effective on sensitive skin
  • Enerpeel – Effective for Acne or Rosacea
  • Enerpeel TCA eye and lip peel
  • Alumier MD

To maximise the effects of our premium skin peels you can combine these with other treatments to maintain a healthy and radiant completion.

Please note results may vary.

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