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Thread veins, or commonly known as  Spider Veins, tend to develop as we age. They appear as fine red, sometimes purple lines just beneath the skin. As our blood vessels become less elastic, the blood vessels can become slightly enlarged. The medical term for this is telangiectasia. These can become quite localised to certain areas of the face such as the nose and cheeks and can be difficult to disguise with make up. Although the causes of thread veins are not entirely clear, women and men are both prone to their development. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy and menopause have been cited as early triggers, but genetics, sunbathing, exposure to extreme weather and some medical treatments and therapies are all thought to be factors provoking thread vein appearance.

Milia is the medical term for small, keratin-filled cysts that can be seen in all age groups. These cysts can be solitary (milium) or appear in clusters (milia), often around the eyes  and on the forehead.

Summary of Treatment

  • Procedure time is around 30-60 minutes
  • Results are usually seen immediately
  • Downtime: Skin can be red and feel warm immediately following treatment. In most cases the redness settles within a day depending on skin type.
  • Duration: The blood vessels treated are usually obliterated and do not return
  • Mild risk including localised redness and possible risk of bleeding spots.

Is Thermavein™ suitable for me?

Thread veins do not pose any serious health risk. They can be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious and they can be more visible on certain skin types, so if you are paler, the chances are, they are quite visible.  At Cosmedica we can safely and effectively treat and destroy thread veins using the latest technology, Thermavein™. Medical advice reports that left untreated, thread veins can increase in both size and number. When the thread veins are still very small, they are easier and less complex to treat. At Cosmedica, our highly experienced team can drastically improve the appearance of these unsightly thread veins. We recommend treatment using Thermavein™.

Thermavein™ is thermo-coagulation treatment designed to eradicate red veins, thread veins, red spots and spider naevi and Milia. It works by delivering a very high frequency pulse of energy which seals the thread vein walls, obliterating the vein so that it is no longer visible. It works by delivering a very high frequency pulse of energy which seals the thread vein walls, obliterating the vein so that it is no longer visible. Thermavein™ is suitable if you have thread veins, spider naevi, red blemishes of rosacea, spider veins or other telangiectasia blemishes. All of these lesions may cause appearances that impact on our self-confidence and esteem. Treatment is rapid with minimal downtime and no significant side effects.

To maintain your skin health, we recommend using regular facial treatments such as our HydraFacial or one of our premium facials for deep cleansing and moisture infusion plus having good diet, exercise and sleep.

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