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Joint injections at Cosmedica

We are registered with the CQC and this is a mark of our competence, high standards and up to date training. Our medical team are able to treat joint problems with steroid injections for problems affecting the elbow, knee, shoulder or carpel tunnel.




Joint injections

Joint problems can be persistent and painful, requiring different treatments depending on the source and cause of the pain. Steroid injections are routinely used to treat many elbow, knee, shoulder problems and carpel tunnel pain. Dr Kieron is available to administer these injections whether you self refer or are referred to by your own GP. Results of any examination and any procedure carried out by Dr Kieron can be sent to your GP with your permission.

Please contact us to get any further information or have any concerns, we would be delighted to help you.

Clients can self refer or be referred to us from their GP.




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