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What is a PDO Thread Face Lift?

If you have loose facial skin with signs of drooping around the cheeks and are developing a saggy jaw line and puffy jowels then PDO threads may be suitable for you. The use of polydioxide (PDO) threads for lifting facial skin offers a non-surgical option to a face lift. As we age, we lose skin tone, skin collagen and will develop fine lines and creases in the face. There will be loss of elasticity and droopiness especially around the jaw line and jowls. The non surgical skin lifting threads are made of polydioxide  and are just like some dissolvable stitches used in surgery. They have anchoring soft barb shaped attachments which help create a firm and younger appearance.

Summary of PDO thread lift

  • Procedure time 1 hour approximately
  • Downtime due to skin puckering and possible brusing 5-10 days
  • Results usually visible immediately
  • Duration of results approximately 10-12 months
  • Risks and complications include puckering, dimpling bruising and swelling

How does PDO work?

The threads are placed under the skin using a fine applicator cannula and  inserted in areas of the face best suited to elevate and support loose facial skin thereby lifting and repositioning soft facial tissue that has drooped due to the effects of sun damage and ageing. Apart from anchoring the skin to the barbs  along the threads there is a secondary stimulation of collagen production with helps create a smooth and natural appearance.

When the sagging has become too much to disguise, this innovative skin lift gives the results without the risks associated with surgery.

Why should I choose PDO threads?

  • No skin cutting
  • No surgery
  • Simple procedure
  • Minimal down time
  • Long lasting effects

Dr Cooney will be pleased to advise on what would be the best option for you, which may also include combination treatment with dermal fillers or Botox ® if appropriate. Results may vary.

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