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What causes hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin and is generally due to too much or too little melanin produced in the body. There are various reasons why this happens but it can present cosmetic or psychological challenges to the individual.

Pregnancy, drug reaction, sun exposure, hormonal changes, injury or infection can cause changes to our melanin levels. Melanin is the naturally occurring substance that protects our skin against the radiation of the sun.

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Treatment for Skin Pigmentation & Sun Damage

Facial skin pigmentation problems can give rise to embarrassment and negatively effect our confidence. Pigmentation can be a sign of changes to an individual’s health and so it is important to monitor any changes. Most changes to skin colour is as a result of environmental factors such as sun exposure which may have built up over many years of exposure. Freckles, age spots and other darkened skin patches can become more pronounced with continued sun exposure. Our assessment and treatment will include advice about how to prevent further skin damage.

Cosmedica clinic offers evidence based treatment protocols that our clients have found incredibly effective in treating your pigmentation problems.

Cosmedica nurse specialist Vicky is qualified and trained to administer and prescribe medical grade cosmeceutical products to combat the problem, improving skin colour and tone and diminishing acute areas of pigmentation discolouration.

We use the renowned Obagi intensive skin care range in combination with our deep penetrating resurfacing peel and intensive moisturising creams with excellent results. Results may vary.

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