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How to lose weight with Cosmedica Clinics

What a battle it can be fighting against the enemy of obesity and with the new enemy of the Covid virus lying low but still lurking, now might be a good time to build up your defences before the winter arrives.

Time to lose weight? Now might be time to try a new treatment called Saxenda® as part of your weight loss plan.

Are you struggling to lose weight? You have done the diet thing and tried that new exercise bike that you got for the lockdown. Still can’t lose weight? Around you go again with another diet and another struggle to stay away from those nibbles and treats and be good.

I know losing weight will make me healthy. I have managed it before and felt fitter and good about myself but it doesn’t last. I try to avoid fatty and sugary foods and drinks and sometimes it works.

As we approach the flu season with coughs and colds, I’m thinking of Covid and how I must get my body ready for it. That means getting fitter and losing weight. We need to be ready this year like no other. I must get Covid-Ready!

OK, so some of us just cannot get going with the fitness and exercise thing. Too much like hard work or just never get around to it. Don’t forget just walking a few times around the room or garden can help, or even up and down a few steps for 10 minutes may be a start. You might find you feel better for it. What about that weight though? Well, it should improve with some exercise but we want better and quicker results to get ready for the winter.

How many different diets have you tried? I know I have been through dozens over the years. There are so many and some seem to work better than others. Healthy eating not only improves our weight, it bolsters our fitness and immune system, so I’m going back on another healthy eating diet. But I’m doing more than a diet this time, now that I have discovered Saxenda®. A licenced safe drug to get losing weight faster and easier than anything else I’ve tried.

In the hands of a medical professional Saxenda® is a brilliant add on treatment for some of us struggling with diets. I’ve tried it and already lost half a stone!

Saxenda® has been around for a while and is now licenced and approved for weight loss in the UK. Saxenda® is a treatment approved by the NICE the regulatory body for medical treatments and that means it’s considered safe and it really works.

I’m so happy with it that I’ve decided to offer it as a treatment of obesity at Cosmedica Clinics so now we are delighted to be the provider of this treatment on the Island.

So, are you ready for Saxenda®? It’s a once a day medical drug using a pen injector licensed to treat obesity and only available on prescription. Beware buying from on line sources, this is a drug that needs medical supervision and support!

Commonly asked questions ….

How does Saxenda® work?

It’s a clever drug which tricks the stomach into thinking it is already full even when it isn’t. That tells the brain to stop being hungry. Then we stop eating. Simple trick of hormone signals.

Is it safe?

Of course, like any drug treatment, it is important to be guided by your medical adviser. Saxenda® is not suitable for everyone and a lot depends on your medical history and current weight. Saxenda® is not available through your GP presently but the medical team at Cosmedica will offer you safety advice and assess with you your suitability for Saxenda®.

How often do I have to inject?

Currently Saxenda® is injected daily using a tiny needle in a remote action pen device. Just click the button and the pen does the work. You will hardly feel a thing!

I thought I heard of a once weekly injection?

Yes, there is a drug similar to Saxenda® to use once a week. This has not yet been approved or licenced for weight loss so we do not recommend its use. Watch this space though and as soon as it is available Cosmedica will be assessing it.

How much weight will I lose?

A million-dollar question that depends on so many things such as your starting weight, your eating habits, how long you stay on the treatment. All of this is discussed with me when you book in the clinic.

Are there any side effects?

Well, actually no drug has zero side effects but research has revealed very limited problems with Saxenda® if it is used according to the guidelines and for the right people. I felt queasy for a week when I started it, and that’s not unusual, but it all settled and I’ve been fine since. Side effects and how suitable it is for you will all be discussed during your consultation with me.

So, now you know there is a backup plan for you if your exercise and diet efforts don’t give you the results you want. Don’t give up but have a chat with me or Dr Kieron at Cosmedica about Saxenda® and if it is right for you.

You can’t get it anywhere else on the Island with face to face medical support and we want you to shed that weight to help you stay happy and stay well through the winter season.

Be Covid-Ready and beat the battle against obesity with all of the health problems that being overweight brings.


Give me a call at the clinic 01983566680 if you want to have a chat about Saxenda® as part of your weight loss plan.

Stay safe and watch your diet to stay healthy this winter. Vicky

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