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What are Migraines?

Migraines are often characterised by severe headache which can persist despite taking over the counter medication. They are often accompanied by nausea, pain sometimes localised to just one side of the head and can lead to fatigue, requiring several days to get over an episode. This debilitating condition can effect your relationships, work, social life and ability to live your life as you’d like. More prevalent in women, some individuals are able to identify triggers such as changes to oestrogen levels, irregular meals, dehydration, stress and shift work. You should seek medical advice from your GP but if the treatment is not working you may be suitable for NHS approved Botox® treatment.

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time 30 minutes approximately
  • Downtime usually none but there may be some bruising and redness immediately after the procedure
  • Results usually visible within 7-14 days
  • Duration of results is usually 10-14 weeks
  • Risks and complications are rare minor and include redness and bruising, asymmetry and movement of eye brows, drooping eye lid or infection

Botulinum Toxin treatment for Migraine

BOTOX®  is licensed the for the treatment of chronic migraines, where other treatments have failed. At Cosmedica, we are able to offer this treatment to help alleviate this distressing and painful condition.

The benefit of Botox® injections for migraines was discovered coincidentally when people who were having BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin) injections to lessen lines and wrinkles on their face. Since then a vast amount of research which is still on going, reveal very positive effects for the reduction of migraine symptoms. It works by reducing the amount of chemicals released within the feedback pathway that perpetuates migraines and headaches.

Dr Kieron and Nurse Vicky who are experienced in this area, welcome you to talk to them about your migraines and medical situation.

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