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What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’ and is also known as ‘3D SkinMed’, ‘Ultrasound Facelift’ or ‘Ultherapy’. It  has become one of the most sought after lifting treatments for face and neck where skin has started to lose elasticity and has become less firm.

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time 30 - 90 minutes
  • Downtime usually no downtime
  • Number of treatments needed usually one but better results if repeated after 3 months
  • Results are gradual and not visible for 3 months
  • Duration of results is usually 1 year
  • Risks and complications - mild redness, swelling and tenderness which settles quickly

How does HIFU work?

HIFU stimulates collagen production lifting and tightening areas which have developed loose skin and the appearance of being saggy.

The highly focused acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at 3 different depths of the skin , following which a wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin. There is no downtime associated with this non-invasive procedure.

During this treatment, ultrasound energy is used to stimulate the deep layers which support the skin. In doing so it creates a lifted, more taut appearance and stimulates the body to produce collagen. The key advantages of this treatment are:

  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • No cuts to the skin
  • No down time
  • Noticeable results after 3 months
  • Once per year treatment

One session of 3D SkinMed HIFU will deliver visible effects in lifting and tightening up to three months after treatment. It will also create new collagen which will help your skin maintain its youthful glow. You should see a noticeable improvement in facial contouring and a rejuvenating effect over a period of three months following treatment.  To maximise the effects of HIFU and enhance its results it can be used alongside other treatments such as Botox® and dermal fillers. Our experienced cosmedical team will advise you on the best options tailored to your needs.

At Cosmedica, our cosmedical team are fully trained to use this state of the art technology to bring you and your face beautiful, tangible results, in just one treatment. Results may vary.

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