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Why do they appear?

It is thought that around 70% of women and 40% of men around the world are affected stretch marks. But what exactly are they and can they ever be successfully treated? Stretch marks appear as a result of abnormal and excessive stretching of skin, causing a typical stretched, scarred skin appearance that can be permanent.


Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time 1 hour
  • Risks or complications usually none although skin may appear red for a few hours
  • Down time usually none

Many people put up with the look of stretch marks and accept them as normal skin change that is a result of daily life, or pregnancy. However, for many people, they can be very upsetting and give an appearance of something wrong with the skin. The appearance of stretch marks can result in anxiety and embarrassment and for some lead to avoiding exposing the skin in public or even in private with a partner or spouse. Research suggests that there is no effective prevention treatment for stretch marks although skin oils and creams are often recommended. Many treatment options are, however, available for stretch marks.

Dr Kieron at Cosmedica clinics has studied these options and happy to present his protocol for reducing the appearance of stretch marks based on a novel new treatment regime.  Platelet rich plasma, (PRP), known as the vampire treatment is now available for the treatment of stretch marks in combination with skin needling. PRP is a well established treatment for rejuvenating facial skin and the décolletage.

It is now Dr Cooney’s treatment of choice for stretch marks, which are, in fact, very similar to scar tissue.  PRP has strong collagen stimulation and healing properties and together with  micro-needling  can reduce the appearance of many stretch marks. Results may vary.


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