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Brown Spots and Freckles

Brown Spots and Freckles 

I gather from watching the BBC show ‘Glow Up’ make up program that freckles are now the fashion hit of the year?  For many people though freckles are annoying brown blemishes on the face that need covering up.

I was intrigued to think that many people are now increasingly embracing their freckles as trendy fashion statement. Indeed, I watched with fascination the Glow Up face off when two finalists were asked apply makeup to mimic the effect of freckles on the face. The so-called Meghan Markle effect!

From the scientific point of view the medical term for a freckle is ephelis (pleural ephelides), an ancient Greek term for a rough spot.  They usually cluster in sun exposed skin most commonly on the face and appear during childhood with fair skinned and red hair people being most affected.

So, what are freckles?

As we all can see they are clusters of brown small spots of different shapes. Freckles contain melanin which makes them brown coloured and fade in the winter since melanin the brown pigment is produced more in the sunshine months.

Should I get them checked?

Happily, freckles have no clinical significance and do not need checking or removing and freckles don’t develop into anything to worry about.  As with all skin spots though if you see a brown skin spot like a mole that might be different to all the other freckles you have, especially if its changing, then it might be worth checking with your doctor.